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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Highlights of our Father's Work by Todd Pierce

Hi family. Those of you who are parents will understand why this update is such a highlight to me. I want you all to understand what our Father is doing in the men we serve and how that continues to change the culture surrounding them.

The PBR event in Dallas was huge as we drew 30,000 people. The service we did in the fan zone was better attended than any other event outside of the competition and our men shined. For me, seeing these men pour their hearts out to people is like seeing my own son hit a home run. We went from there into the Dallas coliseum where I was able to witness Wiley Petersen stand before the masses and lead them in prayer. Later I found that the prayer itself was nationally televised. Know this - the work our Father has us in is having generational impact and the reach is enormous. We are not hosting Christian events that draw Christians. We are right in the midst of the pagan crowd declaring the good news of the Kingdom and people are being drawn to the light.

From there, I went and spent the night with one of the young couples that live in the area. It was scheduled by our Father for the sake of their marriage and was precious time. Early the next morning, we went to a service at a local church (Tabernacle of Praise), met Travis Briscoe and his wife Jessie, worshiped till we were exhausted, then headed to Albuquerque. It was about a ten-hour drive that was another divine appointment for us to build a deeper relationship so the Kingdom could come more fully among us. The next three days I spent with Travis and Jessie as we worked around their place, broke a horse, played pool and met with the church leaders of Albuquerque. Each meeting we went to I became more excited about what our Father is doing. Not only did they show real enthusiasm about the event we are doing on March 25th but they recognized the reality of what God is doing in our men. Once again I sat back like a proud father as I saw Travis take the lead in sharing the vision and watching these church leaders melt with his passion and sincerity. Remember, we are commissioned to make disciples, not all the other things that consume our resources. This type of evangelism is coming out of discipleship. Discipleship doesn’t necessarily come out of evangelism. What a beautiful mystery.

This last weekend I didn’t even attend the event in St. Louis and ministry flourished. Darrel took two of the riders to the local chapter of “Teen Challenge” and the guys poured the Truth into these young wounded men. The outreach service was hosted by the PBR’s assistant production manager. We had great attendance and Jim delivered the Word. This week Wiley Petersen will go to Chicago and do the service. Pray for him and the rest of the crew as they navigate through this dangerous culture with a mission in their heart. I love ya’all.


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